Weil focuses on intersectionality of gender, race, sexual orientation, and other aspects of identity through affinity group partnership and inclusive programming.

Past programming includes:

  • Historian, social activist, and educator Blair Imani presented “An Intersectional Approach to Antiracism.” Imani discussed her lived experience as a queer Muslim woman of color and how each of her identities inform her antiracist actions.
  • The Black Attorney Affinity Group and Women@Weil co-hosted a pre-screening of Harriet for attorneys and clients.
  • The Black Attorney Affinity Group and LGBTQ+ affinity group co-hosted an intimate dinner with SoundCloud General Counsel Antonious Porch.

For Women’s History Month 2021, Weil was honored to host Kimberlé Crenshaw, a UCLA and Columbia law school professor who is a leading authority on race, racism and the law. Professor Crenshaw developed the term "intersectionality" to describe the simultaneous double bind of gender and race prejudice.

Charan J. Sandhu

Professor Crenshaw was in conversation with Weil partner Charan Sandhu and discussed the importance of viewing history and current events through an intersectional lens, the origin of #SayHerName, and creating a future where all women are lifted up and valued.

The Firm also creates opportunities for women of color, LGBTQ+ women, and other intersectional groups to connect across practice groups and offices through formal and informal networking events and conferences.

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Key Contacts

Adam Banks

Adam B. Banks

Partner and Diversity Committee Co-Chair

New York

Adé K. Heyliger

Adé Heyliger

Partner and Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Washington, D.C.

Meredith Moore

Meredith Moore

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

New York