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We are Weil

Who Are Weil Alumni?

We are trusted advisors. We show grit and resolve in counseling the world’s largest organizations during the best and most challenging of economic times. We serve our communities through pro bono work and philanthropy. We have fun doing what we do. We are diverse. We are Weil. Learn more.

We Are Weil - Late 2017-Winter

We Are Weil | “What’s your Leadership Quotient?”

It just takes one push. One idea. One action. One decision to set into motion a series of events that, with perseverance, can turn vision into reality. And it takes one person to inspire others to believe in causes greater than themselves and motivate many more to “be the change they wish to see in the world.”

We present this latest edition of We Are Weil to prompt you to go beyond asking the traditional self-assessment questions of IQ and EQ, and consider when carrying out your professional responsibilities and other pursuits, “What is your LQ?”

Read the Late 2017-Winter edition of We Are Weil.

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Suzanne Israel Tufts

Suzanne Tufts has been nominated to be HUD Assistant Secretary, September 9, 2017.

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Beyond Weil

A career exploration program which facilitates professional connections and identifies career opportunities for alumni, current Weil attorneys and friends of the Firm. The program was “highly commended” by the Financial Times in their 2017 North America Innovative Lawyers Report for Managing and Developing Talent. Learn more.

Greetings from Weil’s West Coast Alumni

Check-in with alumni in Silicon Valley as they discuss their dynamic legal careers in the fast-paced technology sector.