Weil recognizes that not all associates and counsel want to work at a law firm for their entire legal careers. Therefore, the Firm developed the “Beyond Weil/Career Exploration Initiative” to provide guidance and support to current and former Weil attorneys who seek career alternatives to private practice. This program offers interested associates, alumni and friends of the Firm a suite of services to assist them in their consideration of potential opportunities outside of Weil. Such services include:

  • Liaising with Weil partners, clients and alumni to identify opportunities in the in-house, government and not-for-profit sectors, and then prepare those individuals, for whom those roles are appropriate, to best present themselves as candidates;
  • Facilitating introductions to client contacts, alumni and friends of the Firm currently with a prospective employer that will enable those in the program to gather company or industry “inside intelligence”;
  • Hosting industry-specific career navigation workshops led by in-house recruiters, HR professionals, in-house alumni and seconded associates; and 
  • An Alumni App, featured in The American Lawyer, that allows our alumni to easily stay current with the latest alumni profiles, updates, and events and our exclusive Beyond Weil job listings. Visit the Apple App Store or Google Play to add the We Are Weil Alumni app to your favorite mobile device.

Five Tips for Improving Your Job Search Using Beyond Weil

1. Download the Weil Alumni App Today.

Several times a week we receive job descriptions in a variety of industries for attorneys ranging from junior lawyer to senior executive, from contacts throughout our expansive network. You do not need to wait until they are collected and published in the monthly e-newsletter. Be among the first to receive notifications in real time by downloading the app and apply before the searches for the roles become inactive.

2. “Weil Referred” Jobs

Look for the “Weil Referred” marker and roles highlighted in yellow to apply for a position working with another proud Weil alum or a role sent to us by a client eager to consider a current or former Weil attorney in their search.

3. Gather Company’s Inside Intel

Approximately 6,000 alumni across the globe work for organizations and sectors, and have valuable insights to offer on corporate culture, institutional knowledge, prevailing industry trends and other legal hot topics. If you see a position posted on another jobs board, we invite you to get a competitive advantage on your job hunt by connecting with other Weil alumni “in the know.”

4. Resume Editing and Interview Prep

The adages ring true: two pairs of eyes are better than one; and practice makes perfect. Before you submit your resume for the job you believe is tailor-made for you, make sure it is tailored to the employer’s job description. We also conduct mock interviews and offer helpful tips that improve your chances of standing out from the pack.

5. Peer Mentoring on Career Navigation and Job Relocation

Are you considering moving from the East Coast to West Coast or from the US to another international location? Alumni serve as a great resource and can offer helpful guidance on successful career navigation both laterally and vertically. Reach out to us and we can connect you to someone who can offer a fifteen minute mentoring session by phone or afternoon coffee which can make a huge impact on your career pursuits.

Key Contact

Erica Busch

Senior Director, Attorney Performance and Talent Management

New York