Well-Being at Weil

Weil is and remains committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of our attorneys and staff. In 2019, Weil signed the ABA Well-Being Pledge and formed a Health and Well-Being Committee to promote wellness at the Firm. A priority of the Health and Well-Being Committee is to deliver programs and resources that encourage everyone at Weil to live healthy and balanced lives, both personally and professionally.

Image of Lori Pines next to a quote on well-being

Weil's Well-Being Program

Since we established our Health and Well-Being Committee, we’ve held a variety of programs and initiatives to support the well-being of our lawyers and staff, including more than two dozen educational programs, panel discussions, updates and workshops.

Our Health and Well-Being Committee also organized our Mentoring Week Well-Being Challenge – a Firm-wide event in which more than 400 lawyers participated in creating numerous challenges around sleep, exercise, nutrition, and meditation – and our Be More Active Challenge, which united many members of the Weil family, across numerous roles, departments and offices, to raise awareness about cardiovascular health.

Members of the Weil family also have access to*:

  • Monthly Well-Being newsletter
  • Well-Being@Weil internal site, which provides resources and guidance
  • Weil Health and Wellness Center physicians services
  • Comprehensive health care benefits
  • EAP Program and Work-Life Services
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Free access to the Calm App and other apps

*Some benefits may vary by geography and jurisdiction.

Weil Appoints Inaugural Chief Wellness Officer Lori Pines

In 2022, Lori Pines was appointed as the Firm’s inaugural Chief Wellness Officer. A Complex Commercial Litigation partner with a 30-year tenure at Weil, Lori also co-founded and co-leads the Firm’s Health and Well-Being Committee, having helped structure significant programming over the past two-plus years.

Weil views wellness as a multi-dimensional state of being. There are eight dimensions of wellness which include physical, mental/emotional, social, occupational/career, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and financial well-being.

Our aspiration is that everyone in the Weil family achieves wellness in each of these areas.

Graphic showing eight dimensions of Well-Being at Weil
Weil Wellness Ambassadors 

In order to further our well-being mission at Weil, more than 30 lawyers and staff from across our global offices have volunteered to become Wellness Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are doing wonderful work reaching out to the Weil family about well-being issues and initiatives and relaying concerns and suggestions back to us at the Health and Well-Being Committee.

“Well-being should always be a priority, and the goal of our well-being program is to be a valuable helping hand in that process.”

In commemoration of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, Chief Wellness Officer Lori Pines and Executive Director David Strumeyer discuss Weil’s ongoing commitment to supporting the mental health and well-being of our attorneys and staff with year-round programming and resources.

They also highlight the importance of working together to reduce the stigma of mental health challenges and to help colleagues, friends and family – and ourselves – find the resources that may be needed to achieve well-being.

Well-Being Committee

  • Lori Pines, Co-Chair
  • David Strumeyer, Co-Chair
  • Salvatore Cannizzo
  • Robert F. Carangelo Jr.
  • Annemargaret Connolly
  • David Gail
  • Allan L. Garcia
  • Jacqueline Gathers
  • Meela Gill
  • Robert Lennon
  • Thea Lewis
  • Mark Perry
  • Oliver Walker
  • E.J. Weppler
  • Ivan Zdravkovic