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Weil Wins Dismissal for Nuance of Four-Patent Infringement Action on Section 101 Grounds

On Friday, July 8, 2022, Weil won a motion to dismiss all claims in a patent infringement action brought in Delaware federal court by AI Visualize.

The plaintiff asserted 35 claims across four patents directed toward technology that relates to visualizing large medical image datasets over the internet.

In its opinion, the court agreed with Nuance’s arguments that all of the plaintiff’s claims are ineligible under Section 101 of the Patent Act since they are directed to and accomplish an abstract idea (retrieving user-requested, remotely stored information), and that Federal Circuit precedent “is clear that merely adding computer functionality to increase the speed or efficiency of [a] process does confer patent eligibility on an otherwise abstract idea.”

The Weil team included Litigation Department Co-Chair David Lender, Patent Litigation partner Anish Desai and associate Amanda Branch.