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Diane Sullivan Discusses Weil’s Trial Teamwork in Bellwether Opioid MDL in The Am Law Litigation Daily

Weil partners Diane Sullivan, Chantale Fiebig and Liz Ryan

Weil Complex Commercial Litigation partners and trial lawyers Diane Sullivan, Chantale Fiebig and Liz Ryan are highlighted in an article by The AmLaw Litigation Daily discussing Weil’s representation of Giant Eagle in the bellwether trial involving pharmacy defendants in the national opioid multi-district litigation.

Diane discussed the challenges of putting the trial team together last fall with little notice, just as a new surge in the pandemic was taking hold. She noted: “People were scared. People had young kids at home. There was no vaccine yet for children. People had concerns about their living with elderly parents. And so to staff a team in Cleveland, in a hotel, a jury trial, war rooms and all of that sort of [stuff] in the heart of COVID was challenging.”

Thankfully, Chantale and Liz, both of whom joined Weil just months before the trial date, stepped up to join Diane on the trial team. Both came to Weil with significant trial experience “so I figured I’d give my new partners a test run given their spectacular bios,” Diane said. The newly formed trial team led by Diane, Chantale and Liz – who worked closely together to coordinate the larger team and prepare witnesses remotely from the war room – performed exceptionally well, reaching a settlement midtrial.

Diane also discussed how much she enjoyed working with Chantale and Liz, and noted that the three of them have other cases they will take on together in the pipeline. “I’m working with the gals a lot. It’s been fun,” Diane said. “I might not retire anytime soon if I can keep working with these guys.”

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