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Meredith Moore Discusses Weil’s Innovative Diversity Program on Thomson Reuters Podcast

Meredith Moore, Weil’s Director of Global Diversity & Social Responsibility, appeared on Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute’s podcast to discuss one of the Firm’s innovative diversity and inclusion programs.

In a conversation with Natalie Runyon, Director of the Talent Platform at Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute, Ms. Moore discussed Upstander@Weil, a groundbreaking program that empowers all of Weil’s personnel to stand up for inclusion in the workplace and their communities. She noted how 80 individuals at the Firm, across levels and offices, have been nominated by their peers for Upstander awards recognizing efforts to advocate for and foster inclusion.

Ms. Moore also discussed the success of Weil’s mandatory annual diversity training program, including the recent rollout of a cutting-edge workshop, “Talking Boldly About Race in the Workplace: Being an Upstander in a Time of Cultural Unrest.” The program was created to facilitate authentic, candid and respectful conversations about race in the workplace among a diverse group of employees at all levels representing different backgrounds.

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