Diversity & Inclusion

A commitment to diversity and inclusion has been at the core of our firm since Frank Weil, Sylvan Gotshal, and Horace Manges found many doors closed to them because of their religious beliefs. They founded Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP to open those doors. For over 30 years, Weil has been a leader in investing in formal initiatives to cultivate an inclusive culture where all feel comfortable and encouraged to excel.

Inclusion is in our DNA

We believe the results of our inclusion efforts tell a remarkable story. Today, 17 Firm leaders are LGBT, people of color, or women serving as heads of practice groups, Firmwide committee chairs, or Management Committee members. The General Counsel and 4 Management Committee members (24 percent) are women, 1 is Asian American; 1 is Latino; and 1 is LGBT. Women represent 23 percent of Asian attorneys, 36 percent of European attorneys and 42 percent of U.S. attorneys. Of the U.S. partners promoted since 2007, 41 percent are women.

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Building off a longstanding commitment to engage everyone in our diversity efforts, the Firm launched an innovative new initiative in 2015 to inspire all attorneys and staff to stand up for inclusion in the workplace, community and at home.  This campaign expands the powerful “ally” concept within the LGBT community to a broader spectrum of groups, including people of color, women, veterans, etc. 

The initiative was kicked off during Diversity Month 2015 with a firmwide event featuring a video of Upstanders@Weil across levels and offices, inspiring remarks from Executive Partner Barry Wolf, and a panel sharing how they actively support diversity.  A diversity training workshop, action guide, and extensive online resources were developed to raise awareness and showcase concrete behaviors to be an Upstander@Weil.  In one month of announcing the Andrea Bernstein Upstander@Weil Award, 50 individuals at the Firm across levels and offices have been granted the award. Recently, The American Lawyer, Metropolitan Corporate Counsel and Minority Corporate Counsel Association highlighted Weil’s Upstander initiative in articles about diversity and inclusion developments at top-tier law firms.

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Affinity Groups

Weil is among the first law firms to establish Professional Development Affinity Groups which:

  • Foster internal networking and mentoring relationships among members
  • Showcase successful role models
  • Cultivate relationships with clients
  • Provide two-way communication with Firm leadership
  • Host educational programs open to all Weil employees

Weil has five affinity groups:

Weil holds biennial individual conferences for its AsianAttorneys@Weil, Black Attorney Affinity Group, Latinos@Weil, and WEGALA (LGBT) affinity groups. The conferences are designed to bring together members from across the Firm’s offices for professional development, internal networking and mentoring, client development and pipeline efforts. AsianAttorneys@Weil held their conference in New York City in September 2014, followed by Latinos@Weil in November. In June 2015, the Black Attorney Affinity Group hosted their biennial conference in New York City, followed by WEGALA in June 2016. In January 2017, Weil hosted a Multiculutral Attorney Conference, bringing together Asian American, Black/African American and Latino attorneys from across the US and London offices for professional development, client networking, and strategic planning. To date, the Firm has hosted 13 affinity group conferences.


Since many of the challenges facing women in the workplace transcend borders, Women@Weil, our women's affinity group, also has a global outlook.

  • By the numbers: Women represent 23% of Asian attorneys, 36% of European attorneys and 42% of U.S. attorneys. Of the U.S. partners promoted since 2007, 41% are women.
  • TOWER (Taskforce on Women’s Engagement & Retention): A committee of male and female partners from across the Firm focused on the advancement and development of women attorneys globally. 
  • Women@Weil: Since many of the challenges facing women in the workplace transcend borders, our women’s affinity group has a global outlook.  There is a global Leadership Board that oversees Firmwide efforts, with office leaders spearheading local efforts.
  • Mentoring:  Women@Weil New York and London launched mentoring circles which include one female partner, one male partner, and five female associates to discuss business and professional development topics. To foster the development of informal mentoring across offices, Women@Weil supports “Mentors Across Borders” to facilitate relationships between women attorneys when they are traveling to other offices.
  • Global Business Development Workshops: To address the specific opportunities and challenges women may experience in cultivating client relationships, Women@Weil has developed multiple business development programs including a three-part series delivered Firmwide for associates and a two-part series delivered Firmwide for partners and counsel.
  • Career Development:  The New York office hosts biennial half-day conferences off-site which include leadership workshops, small group discussions, and networking.   The Firm’s European offices hold quarterly workshops showcasing women partner panelists on topics critical to their careers, such as networking and leadership.

Diversity Education and Training

Weil has consistently been at the forefront of law firm diversity training programs for over two decades. The most recent evolution of our efforts began in 2011 with a two-hour annual diversity education requirement for all US attorneys and staff. Each year, a new program is developed customized specifically for Weil to provide concrete skills for achieving inclusion. Program topics have included unconscious bias, mentoring and delivering feedback across difference, working with different generations, religious diversity, and managing cross cultural relationships. The 2015/2016 diversity training utilized interactive diversity theater to bring the Upstander behaviors, “Listen Up, Show Up, Talk Up, and Speak Up” to life.

In Continental Europe, following a comprehensive culture assessment, we conducted customized mandatory training workshops for all attorneys and staff.

Global Reach

Given our global footprint, we must be able to communicate effectively across cultures. At Weil, our offices span three continents and nine countries. Our people speak 49 languages. In our U.S. offices, our lawyers and staff hail from 40 countries around the globe. Nearly one in five was born outside of the United States and over one-quarter has at least one parent born abroad. This cultural diversity is our strength as we serve clients who touch nearly every corner of the globe.

Think Global, Act Local Approach: Diversity Month 2015

Our approach is to hold inclusion as a firmwide value and empower each office to address the most important diversity issues in their locale. In the past, we dedicated a week biennially to recognize timely and cutting-edge issues in our offices across the globe. In 2015, Diversity Week evolved into Diversity Month for the month of November, boasting even more firmwide events and opportunities. The theme for Diversity Month 2015 was Upstander@Weil, which seeks to inspire each and every one of us to stand up for inclusion in the workplace, the community and at home.

Pay It Forward

Weil Pay It Forward is an inclusion and community service initiative that empowers associate and staff-led teams to turn $1,000 of firm funds into lasting community impact. While the external community impact is profound, the internal connections fostered among colleagues and the opportunities for attorneys and staff at all levels to showcase their leadership skills are equally powerful. Since 2011, 58 teams in 7 cities have raised $593,892.

Filling the Talent Pipeline

  • Diversity Fellowship Program: Weil offers scholarship awards to first- and second-year law students to promote greater diversity in law school classes. The winning recipients receive a $10,000 scholarship, contingent upon accepting an offer to join Weil’s summer program. Learn more about the winners of the Second-Year Law Student Diversity Fellowship and the winners of the First-Year Law Student Diversity Fellowships. For additional information, click here.
  • Mentoring: Weil also performs outreach to urban schools and programs to introduce the legal profession to racial/ethnic minority students.  The Firm has hosted middle school students from MS224 through PENCIL, an organization that inspires innovation in NYC's public schools through private-public partnerships. Weil has also hosted high school students from Summer Search for mentoring, college advising, and networking; recent high school graduates from Girls Inc. for their annual “College Shower;” students from college through advanced degree programs for Disability Mentoring Day; and law students from Practicing Attorneys for Law Students for networking workshops.
  • Internships: The Firm participates in summer work and internship programs such as Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, the New York City Bar Fellowship, the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program in Dallas and the Posse Foundation’s Scholarship in Washington, D.C.
  • Charitable Giving: Weil sponsors over two dozen non-profit organizations from diversity-oriented bar associations to law related organizations and conferences. 

Our Finest Hours

Weil's award-winning pro bono program provides legal services to diversity-related causes around the world. Recent examples include same-sex marriage matters, promoting fairness in eyewitness identification in the criminal justice system, and increasing access to higher education for disabled persons.


of the Management Committee are women


Firm leaders are LGBT, racial/ethnic minorities, and/or women


languages are spoken by Weil employees worldwide


“Pay it Forward” teams in 7 cities have raised $593,892 since 2011

Key Contacts

Jacqueline Marcus

Jacqueline Marcus

Partner and Diversity Committee Chair

New York

Hannah Field-Lowes

Hannah Field-Lowes

Partner and Diversity Committee Vice Chair


Chris Garcia

Christopher L. Garcia

Partner and Diversity Committee Vice Chair

New York

Meredith Moore

Meredith Moore

Director, Global Diversity & Social Responsibility

New York

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