Tahirih Justice Center is a national non-profit organization that protects courageous immigrant women and children who are survivors of horrific gender-based violence such as rape, domestic violence, trafficking, female genital mutilation/cutting and forced marriage. Tahirih empowers courageous immigrant survivors with the support they need to leave abusive situations, secure protection, attain legal standing, and rebuild their lives in safety and with dignity here in the U.S. Tahirih seeks to create a world in which women and children enjoy equality and can thrive in their communities.

National Pro Se Toolkit Coordinator

Supervisor: Co-Director of Client Advocacy
Job Theme: Women's Issues, Immigrant Rights, Tech Access


Immigrant women face unique barriers to accessing safety and justice through the U.S. legal system, including cultural obstacles, limited English proficiency, low income, past and present trauma, and limited understanding of the legal system. Their legal cases are complex and often involve new areas of the law, yet many cannot afford to hire counsel because they lack work authorization and financial stability.

There are currently very few resources that provide survivors with answers to immigration questions and offer information about immigration eligibility requirements. Removing barriers based on geography allows more equitable access to information necessary to make the best decisions for one’s own immigration legal case. With legal status, immigrant survivors can better support themselves and their families, leave unsafe living situations, and obtain independence from abusers. Legal status relieves the fear of deportation, opening the door to improved health and access to community services.

The Innovator will create Pro Se Toolkits for immigrant survivors of gender-based violence seeking legal information. The toolkits will be multifaceted and modeled after Tahirih’s already created Pro Se T visa Toolkit. Tahirih will utilize the toolkit on its website, and proactively work to distribute it across the country, helping to bridge the information divide for individuals who need legal information and may not be in its service area, or to provide information to individuals it is unable to help. The toolkits will utilize a wide variety of mediums to help assure public comprehension. The ultimate goal of the project is to protect and increase transparency and information about possible forms of immigration legal relief.


  • Create project plans for the completion of additional pro se toolkits.
  • Work with subject matter experts to gather needed information for the toolkit.
  • Translate information from subject matter experts into plain English to create forms and materials for the toolkits.
  • Work with volunteer clients who are willing to review materials and/or participate in explanatory videos.
  • Manage the creation of short videos on specific topics from former clients and Tahirih colleagues.
  • Assemble materials into unified pro se toolkits.
  • Liaise with other departments at Tahirih, such as Communications, to finalize the pro se toolkits for publication.


  • Basic understanding of the immigration legal system would be preferred.
  • Motivated to learn, grow, and understand immigration law.
  • Ability to explain complex ideas in a simple way.
  • Critical thinking and research writing experience.
  • Initiative, flexibility, and creativity.
  • Project management experience preferred.
  • Dedication to reducing barriers faced by immigrants and people of color.
  • Comfort proactively reaching out to individuals in different professional and community capacities to speak with and interview them.
  • Proficiency in Spanish or French is preferred.

Immigrant Health Justice Coordinator

Supervisor: Deputy Director
Job Theme: Women's Issues, Immigrant Rights, Health Justice


Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tahirih Houston’s Policy and Advocacy team developed a comprehensive policy and advocacy work plan, which prioritizes, above all else, addressing the “climate of fear in accessing justice and services.” Within this framework, health access and more importantly, health equity was a named priority. The current pandemic has only underscored the impact on the immigrant community in terms of health care access and further highlights the need to do better as a community ensuring all have access to health care without fear of repercussions or biases within the system.

The Innovator should be someone who cares deeply about health justice within the immigrant community and who is able to build upon and implement work steps identified through the planning process. The Innovator will work closely with Tahirih Houston’s Policy & Advocacy team as well as with community partners. The ultimate goal of the Innovator’s work is to increase access to health for immigrant survivors and their family in the Houston Texas area.


  • Facilitate internal coordination across the legal, social services, and policy teams.
  • Develop relationships with partner organizations, businesses, and individuals, onboard them onto Tahirih’s Immigrant Health Justice efforts, and coordinate with them throughout the duration of the program.
  • Attend and participate in regular program and campaign meetings.
  • Collaborate with the Policy Manager, Social Services Manager, attorneys and other staff members to present campaign plans as assigned.
  • Provide regular updates on current status of campaigns as needed.
  • Represent Tahirih Justice Center externally and in coalition spaces and community events.
  • Attend and facilitate coalition meetings, represent the interest and priorities of Tahirih Houston and its clients with partners, and bring back information and updates to the wider team.
  • Serve as spokesperson as needed for Tahirih’s media efforts.
  • Work with the National Communication team to create unique content about programs and campaigns.
  • Develop relationships with partner organizations, government officials, and individuals to bring them onto campaign efforts and keep them engaged.
  • Track, compile, and manage lists of partners and points of contact for easy outreach.
  • Respond to and manage requests for collaboration and other joint projects.
  • Plan and execute outreach events, convening and trainings as assigned for by the Policy and Advocacy program.


  • Experience with community organizing, and engaging volunteers preferred.
  • Strong cultural competence and experience working directly with constituents from diverse racial, ethnic, socio-economic, and geographic backgrounds.
  • Strong computer skills, particularly Microsoft Office Suite, complex spreadsheets, and web-based research.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with attention to detail.
  • Ability to support moving projects from concept to completion.
  • Event planning experience.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, including a desire to learn, sense of humor, and creativity.
  • Strong customer service orientation: patience, listening, and resourcefulness.
  • Strong writing and editing skills.
  • Ability to work autonomously as well as collaboratively across teams.
  • Fluency in Spanish would be helpful but not required; proficiency in another foreign language is a plus.
  • An interest or background in immigration policy and health care access issues.

Tech Access Project Coordinator

Supervisor: Pro Bono Network Coordinating Attorney
Job Theme: Women's Issues, Immigrant Rights, Legal Services


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the environment for Tahirih clients and has provided a catalyst for Tahirih to shift to a virtual legal service model. To respond to this shift and bridge the digital divide for their clients, the Innovator will assist in developing new, equitable, client-centered, trauma-informed, and linguistically accessible tools for working remotely with clients, all of whom are immigrant survivors of gender-based violence.

Under the direction of the Pro Bono Network Coordinating Attorney and supervision of local attorneys, the Innovator will build on the work of Tahirih’s Tech Access Project to coordinate the development of:

  • An app/online platform and/or online materials to aid in preparation of humanitarian immigration cases.
  • Tutorials and educational resources for service seekers who require immigration legal assistance and are unlikely to be able to find legal assistance by an immigration attorney or DOJ accredited representative.


  • Take a leading role in coordinating simultaneous project deliverables with the goal of launching an app/online platform and/or online materials.
  • Will exercise critical analysis in identifying issues impacting the project.
  • Coordinate with volunteers in the creation of tutorial videos and other online content.
  • Lead/Coordinate the research of data privacy and confidentiality issues related to the development of an app/online platform designed for survivors of gender-based violence.
  • Ensure that internal and external stakeholders understand the vision for the app/platform and /or online materials.
  • Serve as the primary liaison between internal and external stakeholders, and be able to solicit and synthesize feedback.
  • Value and have experience working with and advancing the needs of diverse populations.
  • Have knowledge of, and commitment to, building and maintaining platforms that are accessible to all people.
  • Be highly organized, exercise sound judgement, and be highly collaborative with the ability to work with staff at all levels of the organization.
  • Be resilient, resourceful and detail-oriented with an ability to work independently and as a member of a team and will have a strong commitment to the mission and values of the Tahirih Justice Center.
  • Must be an action-oriented self-starter who will take initiative, dream up creative ideas, engage with staff to incorporate feedback and cultivate support, develop action plans, problem solve and get things done.
  • Must be a committed collaborator who values collective processes, enjoys sharing information, and thrives in a team environment where you are learning from and working closely with others.
  • Must have a systems mindset in approaching problems and understand the inter-connectedness of issues that could arise in the project.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms.
  • Experience working with indigent and immigrant communities.
  • Commitment to learning and applying equity-centered design and trauma-informed approach.
  • Experience with User Experience (UX) design is a plus.