Frequently Asked Questions

View the below FAQs if you would like to learn more about the Weil Legal Innovators Program

Who is eligible to apply for the WLI program?

Can I apply to the WLI program if I am not already accepted to one of the five law schools participating in the program?

If I get in off of the wait-list to another school that is not participating in the WLI program can I still participate in the program?

Is diversity or financial need a factor in the selection process for the program?

How do I speak to my law school about deferring to participate in the WLI program?

What are the required components of the application? What should I include in my personal statement and in my project plan?

Is a transcript required?

Can I submit my application in parts or do all components of the application need to be submitted together?

May I request an interview?

How are the salary and scholarship components of the WLI program disbursed?

What can I use my WLI salary towards?

Will health insurance be provided through the program?

How are the sponsoring nonprofit organizations selected for the WLI program?

Where are the sponsoring nonprofit organizations based?

If I do not see a sponsoring nonprofit organization or initiative that I am interested in, may I suggest one of my own?

Who serves on the WLI program selection committee?

When will I receive a decision regarding the status of my application?

Will WLI participants have an opportunity to apply for Weil’s Summer Associate program or Diversity Fellowship program?

Is a contract required for the WLI program? What if my plans change?

How can I find out more about the WLI program?