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TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund Innovator

Supervisor: Program Manager, TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund
Job Theme: Women's Issues, Legal Services


The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund (TULDF) is the first of its kind, nationwide effort dedicated to helping workers – especially low wage workers – who are facing workplace sexual harassment. Surveys estimate that up to 80% of workers face sexual harassment. Most do not report it for fear of retaliation. When workers are ready to report, all too often, especially for low wage workers, they find they have no recourse. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund helps shift that power imbalance by helping workers connect with attorneys and helping to fund legal and media assistance. TULDF also funds outreach grants for organizations that work with low wage workers on the issue of workplace sexual harassment. The TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund is housed at and administered by the National Women’s Law Center.

The Innovator placed with TULDF will be someone who can increase the team’s capacity to evaluate its impact, strengthen its relationships with the attorneys in its Legal Network, and improve the timeliness of its responses to workers seeking attorneys.

The Innovator’s job duties will include:

  • Data analysis, including gathering and analyzing data from the workers who reach out to the organization.
  • Drafting mass communications to the attorneys in the Legal Network. This would include writing the TULDF attorney newsletter, coordinating and planning webinar-based trainings for attorneys (thus far, webinar topics have included cyber harassment, trauma-informed legal work, and special issues facing clients who are LGBTQI+), informing attorneys on and assisting attorneys with registration of upcoming trainings and running the trainings.
  • Reviewing requests for assistance from workers and assigning attorneys.
  • Assisting with funding decisions.
  • Reviewing and recommending processes for improvement.


  • The work of TULDF routinely requires staff be exposed stories about individuals who have been sexually harassed or assaulted. This can be very difficult emotionally. The ideal candidate would be someone who has some experience working with individuals who have been through trauma. TULDF does provide training for staff and excellent resources to deal with vicarious trauma.
  • The role requires a person who is very proficient with excel and adept at writing mass communications through email and other platforms.