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Human Rights & Legal Services

Through direct services, policy advocacy, and training and education, Tahirih protects immigrant women and girls and promotes a world where women and girls enjoy equality and live in safety and dignity.

Houston, TX

Job Title: Court Observation Coordinator
Supervisor: Policy Manager


Since 2016, Tahirih has provided consultations and screenings to families in removal proceedings at the Houston Immigration Court on a weekly basis. Over the years, the project has morphed into what is now known as the “Immigration Help Desk” at the Court and is staffed by attorneys and advocates from four agencies serving a diverse population of individuals who are in removal proceedings. This work has allowed the Houston legal community to expand limited services in an innovative way but has also highlighted extreme disparity in treatment amongst the Immigration judges and the critical need to address the lack of due process. To address these complaints of bias and due process concerns, Tahirih launched a Court Watch Project which trains volunteers and ensures they are prepared to observe, record and track biased behaviors.

Tahirih is seeking a dynamic individual who is able to build upon the work of the Court Watch Project, and expand it in 2020. This individual will be responsible for recruiting and coordinating new volunteers to observe, assist in synthesizing data, and flag issues which might be ripe for advocacy with Houston’s Policy & Advocacy Manager. Additionally, the Coordinator will confer with outside stakeholders, such as community partners and academia to explore deepening the research by adding in interviews with respondents who have been before the Houston Immigration Courts.

The Coordinator would also become the point person for Tahirih within the cohort of local organizations staffing the “Immigration Help Desk”, ensuring the office is communicating regularly with the court assigned liaison to confirm logistics and to evaluate whether or not the experiences of individuals accessing the Help Desk are consistent with data provided by volunteers through Court Observations. The ultimate goal of the project is to increase transparency and accountability among local Immigration Judges and ensure impartiality, dignity and respectful treatment of all immigrants. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Regularly tracking and analyzing data from court observations.
  • Recruiting, supporting, and training volunteer observers in accordance with developed best practices.
  • Coordinating with a court assigned liaison to ensure scheduling of both weekly court screenings and court observations.
  • Collaborating with Deportation Defense Houston’s detained observation project to compare trends.
  • Identifying areas for improvement.
  • Serving as a thought partner and advisor to Houston’s Policy & Advocacy Manager, Managing Attorney, Executive Director and Deputy Director regarding proposed uses of gathered data.


  • Spanish fluency a plus but not required

San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Job Title: Pro Se Empowerment Innovator
Supervisor: Managing Attorney


Across the United States and near our borders, undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers are unable to access legal information and representation to obtain lawful status in the U.S. Some do not know that they qualify for immigration relief, some are unable to fill out and file complex English-language applications by themselves, and some are unable to find or afford legal representation where they live. The Innovator will help fill this gap in services by developing materials to aid individuals to self-file applications where they formerly could not. Innovators will also help develop “know your rights materials” that help asylum seekers at the USMexico border obtain information about credible and reasonable fear interviews.

Under the direction of the Managing Attorney and with the help of Tahirih’s local and national attorneys, the Innovator will develop (1) an app and/or online materials and (2) distributable print materials for service seekers who require immigration legal assistance and are unlikely to be able to find legal assistance by an immigration attorney or DOJ accredited representative. Some examples already identified by Tahirih staff include:

  • Asylum seekers who have not yet entered the US (Credible Fear Interview process).
  • Asylum seekers who have entered the US, but have not found representation (pro se filing of asylum applications, lodging in immigration court, statute of limitation issues).
  • Those who may enter secondary screening with Customs and Border Patrol at ports of entry (e.g. airport arrivals).
  • Expanded expedited removal (a removal/deportation system that allows Immigration and Customs Enforcement to bypass immigration courts).
  • Workplace immigration raids.
  • VAWA/I-751 waiver seekers (victims of domestic violence seeking green cards) who are still trapped in abusive relationships.
  • Victims of sex and labor trafficking who are still being trafficked or at risk of being re-trafficked.


  • Professional proficiency in Spanish a plus
  • Some web design experience is preferred
  • Mobile app or web development experience is a plus
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms