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Policy & Leadership

Since 1985, the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship has been helping organizations align corporate citizenship objectives and business goals to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for all.

Boston, MA

Job Title: Corporate Citizenship Innovator
Supervisor: Executive Director


Companies consider multiple factors when determining whether and how to dedicate resources to influencing public policy decisions. Recently companies have stepped forward to lead governments to the adoption of new and more rigorous standards on a number of policy fronts.

The project will provide an overview of recent corporate leadership in public policy. The Corporate Citizenship Innovator will provide an overview of recent corporate leadership on public policy, undertaking an analysis on the effects of business influence. The Innovator will then develop a recommended framework for assessing how change might be affected within a company and how corporate action may affect change more broadly.

The Innovator will be responsible for conducting library research, summarizing peer-reviewed journal articles and legal cases relevant to the topic, drafting outlines and report chapters, and developing complementary presentation materials related to the findings.

The Corporate Citizenship Innovator will have the opportunity to participate in programs and courses offered through the Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship. This includes Certificate programs offered by BCCCC and the Boston College Carroll School of Management.


  • An understanding of and interest in CSR/corporate citizenship—specifically corporate engagement in public policy
  • Ability to interpret academic research and statistical analysis
  • Team-player capable of keeping multiple contributors on project plan
  • Good analytical thinker capable of synthesizing insights derived from information from disparate sources