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Social Innovation


Ashoka identifies and supports the world's leading social entrepreneurs, learns from the patterns in their innovations, and mobilizes a global community that embraces these new frameworks to build an "everyone a changemaker world."

Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Job Title: Ashoka Support for Entrepreneurs (ASE) Coordinator
Supervisor: Global General Counsel


Social Entrepreneurs in Legal Education (SELE) (60%)
The Ashoka Global Legal Department wishes to develop a program to accelerate legal social innovation. The ASE Coordinator will play a central role in developing this idea. There exists a significant gap in the availability of experiential learning for law students interested in law and social innovation. Concurrently, social entrepreneurial organizations often lack sufficient capacity to carry out projects. A newly proposed Ashoka Legal Internship Program addresses these needs by providing short term support to Ashoka Fellow ventures focused on the law while law students gain practical experience and exposure to the legal social entrepreneurial space. The ultimate goal is to multiply the number of changemaker lawyers exponentially. The Weil Legal Innovator will be responsible for managing the project from design to implementation phase.

Fellows Support Services (40%)
Ashoka provides different services to Fellows to support their social ventures and bring their ideas to scale. Given the nature of their work and the diverse geographical location of Fellows, and although Ashoka Fellows refrain from direct political involvement, they sometimes face challenges due to the political landscape. The Weil Legal Innovator will help revamp of the existing Fellows Security Program by performing research, and updating and expanding resources to develop a robust internal structure to assist Fellows with security challenges, for example assisting with relocation and linking Fellows to appropriate networks as necessary. This will involves engaging with Ashoka’s Venture and Fellowship Teams.

  • Ashoka seeks a self-motived applicant who flourishes in creative work environments
  • The ideal candidate will be well organized and able to manage their own time as different tasks arise
  • Requirements for the position include proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, research skills, the ability to take initiative, project management skills, the ability to work independently and in a team environment, and the ability to communicate with professional and educational networks

Greater Washington, D.C. Area

Job Title: Special Project Lead, Ashoka U
Supervisor: Chief Operating Officer


Ashoka U is the higher education initiative of Ashoka – the world’s largest community of changemakers. Ashoka U believes that higher education can and should be a force for social impact. Given Ashoka U’s innovative and fastpaced culture, the Weil Legal Innovator can work on several strategic projects throughout the year.

Knowledge Products and Resources:

The Commons is an online, professional development program for higher education faculty and staff working to advance social innovation education opportunities on their campuses. Working in cohorts, participants have the opportunity to learn from a coach and one another as they work to advance their own social innovation education project.

  • Research, analyze and develop content for knowledge products and trainings on changemaking education and organizational transformation in higher education.
  • Develop and curate new materials for Commons Cohorts, providing participants the opportunity to access the highest quality resources to support them as they accelerate social impact opportunities on campus.

Exchange Products:

The Exchange is Ashoka U’s global gathering for social impact educators. Every year, Ashoka U brings together 650+ faculty, staff, administrators, students, and thought leaders for three days of inspiration, learning, and community building for social innovation and changemaking education.

  • Co-design a Track at the Exchange.
  • Co-lead development of 2021 Exchange sponsorship strategy and deck, making the Exchange more accessible and contributing to the financial sustainability of Ashoka U.
  • Co-lead the process to secure hosts for the 2022 and 2023 Exchanges, supporting Ashoka U to update sponsorship pricing related to hosting and develop a shortlist of potential campuses.

Community Engagement Projects:

Changemaker Campus is a community of leaders and institutions that work collectively to make social innovation and changemaking a new norm in higher education and beyond. There are currently approximately 45 campuses in the network across 10 countries. #MillionsofChangemakers is a global call for commitments from colleges, universities, and higher education innovators to activate and support changemakers.

  • Activate stakeholder influence and collaboration across our networks (e.g, Changemaker Campus, #MillionsofChangemakers, Commons, and/or Ashoka U Exchange).
  • Create/nurture communities/practices at the intersection of law, higher education, and social impact.


  • Keen sense of curiosity and desire to learn
  • Strong research, analysis, and writing skills (e.g., mine large amounts of data; identify categories and units of analysis; identify and/or calculate themes, trends, etc.; synthesize, draw conclusions, report, and persuasively present analysis)
  • Strong written and oral communication skills (e.g., proficiency conducting interviews, managing meetings, fielding stakeholder questions, and developing fact sheets, memos, presentations, reports, etc.)