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Weil Wins Asylum for Congolese Victim of Persecution

In a matter referred to Weil by the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, a Weil pro bono team based in the Dallas office successfully represented a woman from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in obtaining asylum in the United States. Our client, a former magistrate, fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo after she was kidnapped, beaten, assaulted and tortured by the Congolese secret service because she refused to obey orders to falsely charge innocent citizens with crimes that would have resulted in their imprisonment or death. After years of waiting, this client was finally granted asylum in the United States on December 8, 2021.

The Weil team included Megan Cloud, Kevin Simmons, Brendan Conley, Libby Vinson, Kaitlin Prior, Amanda Lee and Angela Estrada and was supervised by partner Vynessa Nemunaitis.