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Weil Team Secures Pro Bono Trial Victory

A Weil pro bono team secured a trial victory on Friday, May 9, in a 1983 action brought against four New York corrections officers and a New York corrections counselor.  Weil represented the plaintiff Mr. H., a prisoner, who alleged that in 2001, his corrections counselor, Mr. S., wrote a fake misbehavior report against our client in retaliation for his having written a complaint to Mr. S.’s bosses.  Our client also alleged that in 2004-05, he was assaulted by Mr. W. (another defendant) while three other corrections officers watched, and then was harassed by Mr. W. for the next year because Mr. H. reported the assault.  Following five days of trial, a jury awarded our client significant punitive damages for both retaliation claims. 

The victory is especially commendable given that the case was 13 years old, which presented additional challenges like failures of recollection and regrettable inconsistencies resulting from stories told too many times.  The case was tried before the Honorable Sidney Stein and a jury in the Southern District of New York.  Judge Stein commended Weil for taking on the case and indicated that he would be happy if Weil could take on all of the S.D.N.Y.’s pro bono cases.

The Weil team included supervising partner Christopher Garcia and associates Jamie Hoxie, Stacey Harkey, Matthew Altemeier, Joshua Wurtzel and Zoe Bunnell.