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Weil Succeeds in Preventing Eviction for Client from NYCHA Housing in 2014

Weil associates Daniel Evens and Ellen Shapiro, under the supervision of partner Ronit Berkovich and associate Scott Bowling, successfully resolved a NYCHA housing dispute which allowed their client, Ms. H, to remain in her housing complex.

Ms. H had been a resident of the same housing complex in Staten Island for nearly 40 years, living there with her elderly mother and her own two children, both of whom have learning and developmental disabilities. When Ms. H’s mother moved out of the apartment for health reasons, Ms. H. filed a grievance to succeed her mother’s tenancy and remain in her current apartment. NYCHA moved to prevent Ms. H from succeeding her mother’s lease on account of a misdemeanor conviction in 2012 for petit larceny, which can serve as a four-year bar to eligibility for NYCHA housing.

Weil associates worked to prepare for a hearing in housing court. After NYCHA failed to appear at the hearing, Weil submitted several affidavits attesting to Ms. H’s good character, along with a memo persuading NYCHA to allow Ms. H to keep her apartment and succeed her mother’s tenancy.

Ultimately the matter was resolved in Ms. H’s favor out of court and Ms. H was granted a new lease on the apartment, allowing her to remain in her home with her family.