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Weil Secures Refugee Status for Syrian Family Unable to Obtain Adequate Medical Care in Turkey

A Weil team comprised of associates Anna Hunanyan and Megan Granger, and partner Steven Newborn, supervised a team of Yale law students in the successful representation of a Syrian family’s refugee status and resettlement claim in partnership with the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP).

Our client fled Syria with his family after an airstrike gravely injured two of his children in January 2016. The family members were living in Turkey as refugees and the two injured children were unable to obtain adequate medical care. The family’s resettlement claim was approved by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and the family safely relocated to the Netherlands in August 2018.

Weil has a longstanding relationship with IRAP, whose mission is to provide comprehensive legal representation to individual refugees seeking resettlement. IRAP has successfully resettled more than 3,800 refugees facing life-or-death situations.