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Weil Secures Legal Permanent Residence for a Syrian Antiquities Expert

Weil successfully assisted a world-renowned Middle-Eastern antiquities expert from Syria in securing legal permanent residence. Weil also assisted the client in applying for asylum, temporary protected status, work visas and permanent residence based on extraordinary ability and family status.

First, Weil petitioned for asylum on behalf of the client, who faced persecution, arrest and torture in her home country of Syria for her public criticism of the government and her membership in a religious minority. Weil represented the client at numerous asylum interviews before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and filed a petition for review of the case before the Department of Homeland Security Ombudsman. Weil then petitioned for temporary protected status on behalf of the client under the special dispensation for Syrian nationals on similar bases.

In addition to seeking asylum and temporary protected status, Weil secured O-1 visas and EB1-A qualification for legal permanent residence – designations reserved for a small percentage of aliens who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field of expertise – based on the client’s extraordinary ability in the study of Middle Eastern antiquities.

Simultaneous to pursuing a grant of asylum, temporary protected status, O-1 visa approval and EB1-A legal permanent residence, Weil assisted the client with a petition for naturalization based on the immigration status of the client’s family. Weil represented the client at another interview before USCIS, and the client was ultimately granted legal permanent residence in early summer 2019.

Weil Litigation associates Jay Minga and Thaddeus Lopatka led the matter with the supervision of Litigation partner Benjamin Marks.