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Weil Secures Asylum in 2017 for a Syrian Professor Fleeing Persecution

Weil succeeded in securing asylum for a Syrian university professor who had been threatened and persecuted as a result of speaking out against the Assad regime and her efforts to assist victims of the conflict in Syria. Based on her political opinions and activities, she had been forced out of work; subjected to surveillance and interrogation, including a search of her home by security forces; banned from traveling outside the country; and beaten at a political protest. The matter was referred to Weil in 2014 by Scholars at Risk, which promotes academic freedom and supports scholars facing grave risks in their home countries. By securing asylum, she can now remain in the United States, where she continues to educate others about the situation in Syria and effecting change through political protest.

The team was led by Litigation associate Christine Di Guglielmo and supervised by Litigation partner Diane Sullivan.