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Weil Produced Survey on Potential Challenges to State Laws Banning Abortion

Following a request from the Center for Reproductive Rights, Weil prepared a State Law Survey on the potential bases to challenge a state ban on abortion if the Supreme Court of the United States overturns Roe v. Wade. The State Law Survey summarizes the potential constitutional and state law bases for challenging a state law ban on abortion in 12 states selected by the Center. Weil is continuing to work with the Center on this project by conducting further research into certain states where a challenge to a state ban on abortion may be successful.

The State Law Survey was prepared by Weil associates Jessica DjilaniAmanda FensterHannah JonesDov KogenChristopher LeeYujing Liu, Graciany Miranda and Lin Wang, and paralegal Natalie Meyer, with the supervision of partners Carrie Mahan and Sarah Coyne.