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Weil Produced Overview and Regional and International Benchmark of Bangladeshi NGO Laws

Following a request from the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), Weil prepared a Memorandum comprising an overview and benchmark of the laws and regulations applicable to non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh, focusing in particular on NGOs that aim to document human rights violations against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, many of whom are currently residing in refugee camps in Bangladesh.

The Memorandum summarizes the main laws applicable to NGOs in Bangladesh and compares these against regional and international standards for NGO legislation. PILPG has indicated that it will use the Memorandum to aid its assistance to new and existing NGOs in Bangladesh in terms of their establishment and ongoing compliance with Bangladeshi laws, as well as to facilitate PILPG’s policy-level discussions and guidance on the relevant Bangladeshi laws.

The Memorandum was prepared by Weil associates Imaan Gangi, Kavisa Thacker and Marloes Zaman, with the supervision of partner Alfredo Perez.