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Weil Litigation Department Co-Chair David Lender Featured in Law360’s Trial Q&A Series

David Lender, Co-Chair of Weil’s global Litigation Department, was featured as a Trial Pro in Law360’s inaugural Trial Q&A Series. David, who has more than 20 years of experience trying and litigating a wide range of complex, international commercial disputes in state and federal courts around the country, discussed questions ranging from the most interesting trial he has ever worked on to his go-to trial prep routine and advice for lawyers on the eve of their first trial.

David said: “Trials are incredibly fun but can be exhausting and require incredible focus. You need to know every document and what the witnesses have previously said so you can pounce on cross-exam when the opportunity presents itself. My one piece of advice is to follow a set routine as it pertains to issues outside of the trial so that you don’t need to be thinking about those things when you should be entirely focused on trying to win the case for your client.”

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David Lender