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Weil Launches New Initiative with Legal Services NYC to Advocate for Low-income Tenants Facing Uninhabitable Housing Conditions

Though the eviction moratorium remains in effect nationwide, many low-income tenants in New York City are living in uninhabitable apartments, facing illegal conditions and harassment from landlords.

As part of the firm’s COVID-response work, Weil recently hosted Jim McCormick, housing attorney at Legal Services NYC, to facilitate a training for attorneys in New York on how to advocate for these tenants in virtual housing court. Since the training, more than 40 attorneys have signed on to these cases, helping individuals and families procure essentials such as heat and electricity.

Legal Services NYC was founded in 1968 as part of the War on Poverty and provides legal help to more than 110,000 low-income New Yorkers annually. Their work includes preventing evictions and preserving housing; demanding access to high-quality education, health care, and economic security; ensuring safety and stability for survivors of domestic violence and immigrants; and fighting for the dignity and respect of all New Yorkers, including LGBTQ communities, New Yorkers with disabilities, and people of color.