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Weil Helps Eliminate Innocence Project Backlog of 5,000 Requests for Assistance

Weil’s pro bono effort on behalf of the Innocence Project, in collaboration with lawyers from Skadden, has helped eliminate the backlog of more than 5,000 requests for assistance from incarcerated individuals, as reported in The American Lawyer.

The participation of the entire Firm has been essential to the success of this historic pro bono initiative. Since the launch of the Intake Initiative in 2015, the Firm has dedicated more than 30,000 hours to the review project, involving more than 500 Weil attorneys and staff (including more than 50 partners) from 11 of our global offices.

As a result, the Innocence Project, which uses DNA evidence to exonerate people who have been wrongly convicted, has been able to devote time and resources to the highest priority cases, and thousands of individuals who have been waiting years to learn the status of their case have received a response. Weil will continue its participation in this project.

A celebration of this accomplishment took place in the New York office on September 6.

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