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Ronit Berkovich Profiled as a 2018 MVP: Bankruptcy

— Law360 2018

Weil partner Ronit Berkovich was named an MVP for Bankruptcy by Law360 in recognition of her key role in orchestrating Takata Corp.’s global chapter 11 restructuring and related $1.6 billion asset sale to Key Safety Systems Inc.

Ms. Berkovich played a key role in Takata’s restructuring by leading negotiations, managing teams across continents and designing the company’s global restructuring strategy. “I am especially proud of the fact that we were able to create consensus among so many different parties in such a challenging situation,“ Ms. Berkovich said. “The number of parties involved here was well above average.”

When asked why she’s a bankruptcy attorney, Ms. Berkovich cited her personal relationship with her mentor, former Harvard bankruptcy law professor and current U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, who discussed bankruptcy law as an alternative career path from corporate law, given the economic landscape in 2001. “I would not be a bankruptcy lawyer, I would not be at Weil Gotshal, if it wasn’t for her picking up the phone and calling people on my behalf,” she said.

With regard to advice for junior bankruptcy attorneys, Ms. Berkovich advised young attorneys to place great value on good mentors and pointed to Ms. Warren as one of hers. “You never know who will be there to help you later in life,” she said. “Developing good relationships every step along the way is important … because life takes lots of twists and turns and you can end up somewhere you never imagined.”

Law360's MVPs are attorneys who have distinguished themselves from their peers over the past year through high-stakes litigation, record-breaking deals and complex global matters. A team of Law360 editors selected the 2018 MVP winners after reviewing nearly 1,000 submissions.