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Marcia Goldstein Profiled by New York Law Journal for 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Marcia Goldstein has been profiled in the New York Law Journal in recognition of her Lifetime Achievement Award as part of the publication’s annual Professional Excellence awards, which recognize those who have made an impact on the legal community and the practice of law over an entire career.

The New York Law Journal profile, written by Weil partner Ronit Berkovich, highlighted Ms. Goldstein as a trailblazer for and champion of women in law, noting Ms. Goldstein’s career boasting a litany of landmark cases and turnarounds that have become touchstones of the restructuring bar, including those of WorldCom, MF Global, Parmalat, Takata, Washington Mutual, AIG and more.

The profile also praises Ms. Goldstein as an outspoken advocate for women, instrumental in creating Weil’s flex-time policy and fostering a culture where partners and associates are encouraged to take advantage of the program.

Ms. Goldstein, a lifelong New Yorker, joined Weil fresh out of law school, in 1975 — when the firm numbered just 130 attorneys, the legal industry was virtually all male, and bankruptcy law was still in its nascency. She was promoted to partner in 1983 and, in 2002, became Co-Chair of Weil’s Business Finance & Restructuring Department. Her 13-year tenure as Co-Chair spanned the financial crisis and its long aftermath. She has not only had a central role in many of the era’s pivotal bankruptcies but ultimately had a hand in navigating — and overcoming —the biggest economic crash since the Great Depression. Today, in addition to an active practice, she focuses on firm management issues as a member of Weil’s Management Committee.

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