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Jay Minga Featured in International Refugee Assistance Project Alumni Q&A

Weil Litigation associate Jay Minga was featured in an International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) Alumni Q&A. The feature is part of a series of interviews with former IRAP students who have become strong advocates and leaders in their fields of practice. The Q&A highlighted IRAP’s impact on Mr. Minga and his career.

As a first-year law student at Stanford Law School, Mr. Minga was introduced to IRAP through several classmates concerned about the refugee crisis. Some of his work with the organization included assisting clients through interviews, conducting research, and preparing petitions for reconsideration, as well as conducting research on behalf of the organization in order to shape policy advocacy. IRAP’s work also led Mr. Minga to meet with members of Congress and representatives of many federal agencies, to whom they presented their findings and raised questions about the government’s compliance with legal obligations.

As a Litigation associate, Mr. Minga maintains a meaningful pro bono practice that covers a variety of human rights and civil rights issues, including refugee and asylum matters.

“The exemplary professionalism and energy of our supervising attorneys and other members of the IRAP community left a great impression on me as to the kind of dynamic and fast-moving practice I would like to aspire to.…My continued work with IRAP at Weil has opened doors to many unique opportunities for which I am grateful,” he said.

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