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Iraqi Family Resettles in United States Through Weil’s Pro Bono Efforts

Weil, with the assistance of two Yale Law School students, successfully represented an Iraqi national and his family in their efforts to resettle in the United States.

Our client was an Iraqi man who received repeated threats against his personal well-being and that of his family following his service as a translator for coalition forces in Iraq. Supervising partner Annemargaret Connolly and associate Chris Barraza joined Yale Law students Michelle Cho and Conchita Cruz in advocating for the client and his family in a long process to obtain resettlement visas under the Special Immigrant Visa program.

After surmounting numerous administrative hurdles over a nearly three-year period, the team learned that U.S. authorities had granted the resettlement application. Our client and his family successfully resettled in Kentucky in March 2016.

The matter was referred to the Firm by the International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), formerly known as the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project. Weil has long collaborated with IRAP to assist refugees seeking to resettle in the United States.