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Heather Viets Named a 2017 “Rising Star” for Banking

— Law360

Weil Banking & Finance partner Heather Viets has been named one of Law360’s 2017 “Rising Stars” for Banking in recognition of her work advising global financial institutions when they enter into complex, multibillion-dollar loans and financing agreements.

Law360’s profile article highlighted her recent work for Barclays, noting she advised Barclays in its role as administrative agent on a €670 million term and $100 million senior secured facilities for Coherent Inc. in its $942 million acquisition of laser manufacturer Rofin-Sinar Technologies Inc. Ms. Viets noted, “A big chunk of my year last year was spent on that deal. It felt great when it was done because everyone was satisfied and happy with the result.” 

With regard to why she became interested in banking and finance work, Ms. Viets explained that that the camaraderie and the sense that all sides are moving toward a common goal drew her to the work she does. “So even though we might be taking adversarial positions on various points, really we’re all working toward a successful closing and one where both sides feel satisfied with the result,” she said.

When asked about advice she would give to young attorneys, Ms. Viets highlighted the importance of putting in the appropriate time to really understand what you’re working on: “Every single day the time that you put into a transaction and understanding the documents and understanding your role, it really pays off in the long run. Because every day, even though it might seem like you’re working through ancillary documents and you’re not really sure they’re all that important, you’re building the foundation of what will later be the knowledge of the broader transaction.”

A team of Law360 editors selected the 2017 Rising Stars winners after reviewing more than 1,200 submissions. Ms. Viets is among the attorneys under the age of 40 whose legal accomplishments belie their age.

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