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Head of Weil’s Global Antitrust Practice Steven Newborn Featured in Q&A with Global Competition Review

Steven Newborn, Head of Weil’s global Antitrust/Competition practice, was interviewed by Global Competition Review on a number of issues concerning the world of antitrust today, based on his perspective gained from working on some of the biggest mergers in the world. Mr. Newborn also added insights he gained while serving as Director of Litigation at the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Competition.

In his discussion with GCR, Mr. Newborn spoke about his views on some of the most interesting issues in antitrust right now, such as the growth of e-commerce and how enforcement policies have adapted to the changes caused by this “fundamental change in American business.” Mr. Newborn also offered three pieces of advice for U.S. government regulators, which include acknowledging the critical function of enforcement predictability, reigning in unnecessary requests for additional information, and adopting a more realistic approach toward the treatment of efficiencies. When asked if there were individuals in the antitrust community whom he most admired, Mr. Newborn offered high praise for Mike Moiseyev from the FTC and Jim Tierney from the DOJ. He noted that “[b]oth are incredibly dedicated” and “are just two of many, many government enforcers who deserve the praise of the American consumer.”

View the complete interview with Steven Newborn on GCR’s website.