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Harvey Eisenberg Named Among 2018 “Dealmakers of the Year” by The American Lawyer

Weil Private Equity partner Harvey Eisenberg has been named one of The American Lawyer’s 2018 “Dealmakers of the Year.” He is one of 15 individuals profiled for what the magazine describes as “creative lawyering to novel issues of law” on noteworthy deals of 2017.

Mr. Eisenberg was highlighted for his role advising SoftBank Group in its $3.3 billion acquisition of Fortress Investment Group. The article explains that there was no precedent for Mr. Eisenberg to rely on in guiding SoftBank through this deal, as this deal marked the first time a publicly traded U.S. private equity and asset-management firm was taken private.

The article describes Fortress’ complicated structure and the dozens of regulatory approvals required across the United States, Asia and Europe. In referencing the regulatory challenges, Mr. Eisenberg commented, “Every place we went, every regulator, we were introducing a new concept and we had to educate people.”

The article went on to say that keeping all parties involved happy, while also meeting regulators’ expectations took some creativity without any examples to fall back on. “You can’t just color by numbers,” Mr. Eisenberg explained. “Instead of thinking about what worked before and how to adapt it, you have to go back and think about why the rules are here in the first place.” Read full profile. is a daily news source covering legal business, law firms and lawyers across the United States and around the world. The American Lawyer’s “Dealmakers of the Year” is composed annually to highlight the most innovative and creative transactions lawyers of the previous year.