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Gary Friedman Is Interviewed About the Dismissal of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and the “Lessons Learned”

Gary Friedman, a partner in Weil’s Employment Litigation group, was recently interviewed about the highly controversial firing of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson. In the video discussion, he identifies the “teachable moment” this event can offer companies regarding equal pay and gender issues under employment law, as well as C-suite terminations: “Self-critical analysis by companies is essential.”

Topics addressed include:

  • What are a company’s legal obligations when it comes to equal pay with respect to gender?
  • How can companies ensure that successor compensation plans are compliant with applicable employment laws?
  • How can companies control the level of C-suite executive compensation?
  • How should large companies engage with the public with respect to high visibility terminations?
  • What are gender issues beyond equal pay that companies should be thinking about?
  • What new legislation has been enacted and is on the horizon that will impact gender issues?
  • Should C-suite terminations be handled differently than others?