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Edward Reines Profiled as a Top IP Attorney in California by Daily Journal

Weil Patent Litigation partner Edward Reines was recently named among the “Top Intellectual Property Attorneys” in California for 2016 by the Daily Journal.

In its profile of Mr. Reines, the Daily Journal highlights how Adobe Systems Inc. relied on him for guidance when it was sued in a California federal court by Digital Reg of Texas LLP. Digital Reg initially asserted seven digital rights management patents against Adobe, but only two survived in trial. The jury invalidated the two remaining patents, and Digital Reg appealed. Mr. Reines noted that Digital Reg’s attempt to overturn the jury verdict was “meritless,” and that since the patents were invalid, Adobe “couldn’t possibly be infringing them.” Mr. Reines was also successful in securing a ruling that Adobe should be reimbursed for attorneys’ fees by proving litigation misconduct on the part of Digital Reg. “We isolated some particular misdeeds that we thought we could single out,” Mr. Reines said. Read more about this victory.

The Daily Journal names attorneys to its lists and profiles them based on a number of criteria including hundreds of nominations and staff selections, along with consideration of each nominee’s major intellectual property successes over the last year.