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David Herman Named 2018 MVP: Real Estate

— Law360

Weil partner David Herman was named an MVP for Real Estate by Law360 in recognition of his role advising Brookfield Asset Management Inc. through tens of billions of dollars during the past year.

Mr. Herman advised Brookfield Asset Management on its acquisition, with Brookfield Property Partners, of the approximately 66% of General Growth Properties it did not already own for $14.4 billion. He also advised Brookfield Asset Management on its $11.4 billion acquisition of Forest City Realty Trust.

When asked what motivates him, Mr. Herman highlighted the variety of his work. “I really enjoy not having a template,” he said. “I really enjoy having to figure things out. What I tell people, in order to be good at what we do at least in this group, you have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable a little bit. Our clients do complicated transactions. I just love coming to the office because I have lots of different things to do all the time.”

With regard to advice for younger attorneys, Mr. Herman emphasized the importance of mentors. “You just can’t even imagine how beneficial it is to your career, to your life, and to everything that you do. At the end of the day, having someone who’s really vested in you and wants you to succeed, and you can take time with and sit down with and have a conversation … is really important,” he said.

Law360's MVPs are attorneys who have distinguished themselves from their peers over the past year through high-stakes litigation, record-breaking deals and complex global matters. A team of Law360 editors selected the 2018 MVP winners after reviewing nearly 1,000 submissions.