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Celebrating Years of Pro Bono Commitment and Service

Building on the strong history of pro bono service at Weil since its founding, in 2005 Weil became one of the first large law firms to formalize its pro bono program by instituting an official policy and hiring a dedicated professional staff to coordinate with legal services organizations to help those in need.

This year Weil celebrates 15 years since the Firm adopted its groundbreaking pro bono policy, which includes the goal of 50 hours per year per attorney, the expectation that every partner supervise a pro bono matter every year, and the requirement that all new attorneys  ̶  regardless of seniority  ̶  undertake a pro bono matter within two years of joining the Firm.

We are proud that, since then, this program has become one of the most successful in the profession, exceeding 1 million hours of service and winning every major pro bono award that can be bestowed on a law firm. Here are some highlights from the 15 years since the policy’s adoption.

We are grateful to all of our pro bono clients for the privilege of representing them over the past decade and a half, and look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration with our partner organizations.