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Anna Frankowska Named Pro Bono Lawyer of 2018 by the University Legal Clinic Foundation

Capital Markets partner Anna Frankowska was named Pro Bono Lawyer of 2018 by the University Legal Clinic Foundation (Fundacja Uniwersyteckich Poradni Prawnych) and media partner Rzeczpospolita daily. Every year, the award honors a lawyer credited with outstanding achievements in pro bono legal work that benefits individuals and non-governmental organizations.

Ms. Frankowska has been providing pro bono legal services for many years, including her involvement with the Between Heaven and Earth Foundation (Fundacja Między Niebem a Ziemią), which helps terminally ill children and their families.

She now actively assists the Have No Fear Foundation (Fundacja Nie Lękajcie Się), which provides help to survivors of pedophilia, including the victims of clergy abuse. She recently co-authored a report on violations of the law by bishops who have protected pedophilia within the Catholic Church in Poland.

Ms. Frankowska is also a member of a citizens’ initiative committee seeking the appointment of a truth and compensation commission tasked with investigating the problem of pedophilia within the Polish Catholic Church and securing the payment of compensation to victims.

The Warsaw office of Weil is proud of its long track record in providing pro bono legal services, for which it received a distinction from the Rzeczpospolita daily in 2017. To date, the attorneys in this office have clocked a total of 35,000 hours for pro bono causes.

Anna Frankowska