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The Summer 2016 Issue of We Are Weil is Published - “In the Pursuit of Passion”

Do you love what you do? Do you approach each assignment with the view that you want the client to think you are the best? Do you get a feeling of excitement and anticipation and anxiety when you’re about to tackle a new assignment?

In this edition of We Are Weil, we posed these questions to six distinguished alumni who responded with impressive and insightful stories recalling how they discovered their career passions, how they stay committed to them despite the challenges, and how many individuals in the Weil network helped them on their respective journeys.

This issue also includes a “Cool Jobs Q&A” with a former private equity associate who now owns a growing and successful line of boutique spas in the Northeast United States, as well as a new feature called “Next Chapter,” where we catch up with retired partners pursuing the interests and causes that both satisfy their intellectual curiosities and answer their calling to do meaningful and purpose-driven work.

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Kito Huggins

Kito Huggins

Director, Executive Administration

New York

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